PVR protection supports access to quality seed of proven high-performing plant varieties through a dedicated process of investment, innovation and independent evaluation.


The PVR campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of how intellectual property protection within the plant breeding industry is delivered through Plant Variety Rights. Its existence sustains investment and innovation in the plant breeding and seeds industries so improving agricultural productivity and enhancing value for both producers and consumers.


Central to the campaign is the PVR trademark. The PVR trademark may be seen on seed bags and packaging, stationery, invoices, field boards web sites, seed catalogues, in fact anywhere connected with the development, sale and use of high quality seeds of varieties protected by Plant Variety Rights. Wherever you see the mark you will know that the company or organisation using it supports the principles of investment in breeding innovation and its delivery through high quality seed and that the variety is the result of years of research, innovation, investment, testing and evaluation.


Users of the trademark are committed to delivering a variety which is proven and backed by science, investment in innovation, brought to the market through proven testing and evaluation procedures. These users understand and support the need for continual R&D as the only means to sustain the supply of improved varieties to their customers. The PVR trademark serves as a prominent visible reminder of the dedicated process being undertaken by the plant breeder behind each new variety and bag of purchased seed.


The PVR campaign is supported and promoted by BSPB and AIC.

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